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Medical detox

It is important to acknowledge the dangers of removing alcohol and substances from the body.


Depending on assessment and evaluation we strive to sponsor a bed every 28 days for at least a 1-month treatment plan.




Where your new life begins

Our qualified multi-disciplinary team excels in their specialized fields. Our team’s personal experience in active addiction, as well as sobriety, is incomparable. The personal sobriety milestones of our team prove that our diverse approach based on the 12-step Minnesota program works.We are pleased to announce that we are the first established, registered and licensed rehabilitation centre of its kind in Centurion, Pretoria.

Situated in the sanctuary peaceful hills of Clubview, our 3800 Sq meters of tranquil, harmonious, peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere aids to the treatment of addiction.

Our boutique trend facility is built on spacious territory of green grass and colourful nature, bringing instant relaxation and healing.

Our clients will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to recover from addiction in this beautiful upmarket facility. Out standards are set throughout accommodation, meals and treatment program.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic treatment is tailored to each person. It uses natural methods to focus on all aspects of health. This treatment method focuses on identifying and working on the problems that led to an addiction, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Traditional drug abuse treatment programs focus on:
  • Counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • 12-step programs
  • Peer support

Holistic programs complement these approaches and help patients focus on understanding and improving their well-being.

The Road to Recovery

To provide the best education and proven treatment to those suffering from the disease of addiction for the purpose of permanent recovery.

The message of strength and hope from our treatment team is not just a teaching, but a practical way of a new way of life that they practice in their own lives daily.

Each of our clients are individually assessed by our team of professionals and a personal wellness program designed and allocated accordingly.

Our staff has all been through the struggling process of addiction as well as the progression of recovery, thus they offer treatment from the highest level of love, care and compassion.



Exclusive Substance Abuse And Addiction Rehabilitation

The best-proven recovery approach treatment centre, with the highest standards of addiction treatment, includes one-on-one counselling done by our professional experts.

The unified goal of our entire multi-disciplinary team is to assist each of our clients to make a sustainable turning point in their lives and achieve fulfilled healing.

Our carefully evaluated program allows everyone to identify the source of problems that lead to symptoms of negative thoughts, harmful behaviours and addiction.

Our clients can achieve success through a daily, practical new way of life by implementing a dependable program.


Positive Perspective

The pace of life and the combined stresses can cause unhealthy coping methods. Sometimes all one needs to do is to set time aside to regain a positive outlook and perspective. With the professional help and caring guidance of our loving and understanding team. In a peaceful and tranquil environment, our clients can now regain that new perspective on the way forward.

Group Therapy

We measure our success not by the number of clients we acquire but by the quality of our client exiting. Great value and education is received through a wide variety of educational, life enriching group activities and topics.

12-step Minnesota Module

This is an abstinence-orientated comprehensive, multi-professional approach to the treatment of addiction, based on principles. It espouses a disease concept of drug and alcohol dependency with the promise of recovery, but not cure, for those who adhere to it.

Family Support

Addiction is not a spectator sport. Eventually, the whole family gets to play. We offer family support in the form of fellowship meetings that is educational and of healing experience as well as family meetings where needed and requested with our specialist team members’ supervision.

Wellness Balance

Rediscover the things that are important to you and add value to your life: physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually. Re-invest in your self-worth and self-respect, to allow personal growth to happen.

Exclusive, Experienced Addiction Counseling

Our counselors have undeniable experience both personally and professionally. They understand the struggle, listen with compassion and educate recovery as they have received it.

Healing Environment

Our aim is to gain and give healing in all areas of life and thus provide and tranquil, peaceful, and safe environment obtained by upmarket comfortability.

“Recovery is not a race. You don’t have to feel guilty if it takes you longer than you thought it would.”


Our Specialized Services

We believe in a diverse approach to addiction as the symptom of various mental, emotional and physical challenges and problems the clients face in their lives.

To accomplish this approach, we consider ourselves to be blessed with the exclusive services available to our clients.


To Provide The Best Education And Proven Treatment To Those Suffering With The Disease Of Addiction For The Purpose Of Permanent Recovery.

Radical Kindness
Higher standard
Favour Recovery
Do no Harm

Understand Our Treatment Programs

It is important to acknowledge the dangers of removing alcohol and substances from the body. A proper medical detox can eliminate life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Everyone experiences detox differently and therefore needs to be treated according to each individual situation according to the substance used and the duration and quantity.

After completing the first cycle of 28 days the client is now able to deal with their addiction more in-depth. Although many have found recovery on a 28 day only program we believe that the life-changing experience or the turning point happens in the second cycle. Clients are now able to face their own truth with honesty and open-mindedness and become less injured from past experiences.

This 3rd cycle comes highly recommended as our clients are encouraged to establish and built forward on positive behaviors and habits once the negative has been laid down and dealt with. Clients deal with character defects deal with emotional sensitivity, triggers, and set up a power plan to prevent relapse. And finally, the client becomes of service to others by carrying the message and strength to the still-suffering addict.

It is important to acknowledge the dangers of removing alcohol and substances from the body. A proper medical detox can eliminate life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Everyone experiences detox differently and therefore needs to be treated according to each individual situation according to the substance used and the duration and quantity.

We are committed to giving back to the community and depending on assessment and evaluation we strive to sponsor a bed every 28 days for at least a 1-month treatment plan. Screening, evaluation and assessment will be done before any sponsorship is granted. Contact White Phoenix Recovery Centre for application details.

Designed for our clients that have family / professional responsibilities and are practically not able to attend an in-patient program. Also known as an intensive outpatient treatment (IOT) program, is a structured non-residential psychological treatment program that addresses substance use disorders (SUDs) that do not require detoxification and mental health disorders through a combination of group-based psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy, family counseling, educational groups, and strategies for encouraging motivation and engagement in treatment.


Meet Our Dedicated Team

We dedicated ourselves and our services to a healthier and happier life for our clients and their families.

Rista Du Plooy

Life Coach

Stephanie Myburgh

Head of Marketing

David Savage


Robert Botha

Financial Director

David Savage


Robert Botha

Financial Director

Rista Du Plooy

Life Coach

Stephanie Myburgh

Head of Marketing


More Than 60 Years Of Sobriety And Recovery Experience

David has been sober from his disease of alcoholism for 5 yrs. He decided 2 yrs ago that he no longer has any other interests than helping other addicts get control over their disease and stay sober for life.

He has been very involved with his home group of Alcoholics Anonymous and became a sponsor to many fellows. The passion led him to a deep desire to help other addicts further and, in turn, open a top quality rehab with fellow recovering addicts. His vision is to take White Phoenix Rehabilitation Centre a cut above the rest where addicts feel a complete sense of home in all areas of their stay but at the same time implement a treatment program with the help of inspiring, exceptional counsellors that is proven to change the mindset of the addicts that make them.

I genuinely want lifetime sobriety and give them a better version of themselves back to their families and loved ones. He is highly realistic about the truth that there is no cure to the disease of addiction but will keep fighting to show all entering addicts that a life of addiction is no life at all.

David Savage CEO

Stephanie has battled addiction for more than half of her life and when she found recovery about 18 months ago it has become her motivational drive to minimize institution hopping by her fellow struggling addicts. She strongly believes that recovery is possible first time around and it has become her passion to represent facilities and institutions that would offer this opportunity to their clients. Stephanie executes her passion through networking and liaison with all peers involved of the struggling addict.

Stephanie Myburgh Head of Marketing

I am Rista du Plooy a somatic holistic coach and yoga instructor. This means I do not only focus on the mind, but also on what the body is telling me in how to optimize and enhance the healing process. Qualified with a master’s degree in Coaching, [Registered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)], I am also qualified to use the multi-level neuro processing method (MLNP) which is neuroscience based.

Rista Du Plooy Life Coach

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